Saturday, March 14, 2009

Selangor Land Scammer: Datuk Amin Pipet

Kudos to Nat Tan & friends for this piece of investigative journalism! Click on the headline to read the rest of his very well-written and researched article.

Selangor Land Scam: 70 yr old bachelor retiree almost conned of RM 17 Million by Datuk Amin Pipet - who is this man? (updated)

Amin Pipet

Updates: Commentator Lim Seng did so detective work, producing the above picture of Amin Pipet from the Selangor website, showing his Datukship in 2004.

I was thrilled today to see the frontpage of theSun, which told the tale of a truly shameless land scam.

I happened to have met the victim, and want to offer deeply felt thanks to theSun for their efforts in helping to expose this blatant injustice and advocate on behalf of the voiceless.

The victim, 70 year old Mr. Lye Piang Yin (pictured above), whose grand nephew is a friend of mine, is a former RTM technician, and a soft spoken gentleman with a very kind and humble demeanour. He is a bachelor, lives alone, eats two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and gets around either via public transport or a motorbike that has malfunctioning brakes. (”How does he stop, then??” I asked my friend, “Umm, using his feet”, “His feet?!?”, “Yeah. He rides really slowly.”)

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