Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ketuanan UMNO vs Keagungan Melayu

I started a series on Keagungan Melayu a few weeks back. My first couple of pieces outlined the case against Ketuanan Melayu – the UMNO-sponsored racist ideology disguised as Malay nationalism. I also outlined the case for replacing the utterly useless Ketuanan Melayu ideology with a more relevant way of thinking, which I called Keagungan Melayu.

My follow-up on Keagungan Melayu was delayed for various reasons. But with our Dear Tuan Hishammuddin set to reprise his keris-waving act at the UMNO assembly this year, I feel compelled to pen a word or two...chop-chop!

First off, I would like to state categorically that NOT A SINGLE ONE of the UMNO so-called leaders truly understand the symbolic power of the keris (or if they do, NONE of them dare to stand up and say it!) All these UMNO so-called leaders know how to do is wave the keris around and threaten violence with it. They use the keris as a symbol to threaten, to intimidate, to kill. Has the beautiful keris, the symbol of Malay culture and power, been reduced to such a barbaric symbolism?

Why do I say that NONE of the UMNO so-called leaders understand the real power of the keris?

Simply because ANYONE can harm, kill or destroy. It takes no special skill. At the very least, all one needs to cause great harm is merely a certain level of stupidity. For example, leaving your child in a locked car while you go shopping. If the child suffocates in the car, it's because of the parent's stupidity. So what's so special about the power to inflict harm?

It is terribly unfortunate that those who regard themselves as the leaders of your country, and my country, have such shallow and base mentalities. That the ability to cause harm and destruction is the only kind of power they can understand. These pretenders have completely missed REAL the relevance of the keris, and how it REALLY represents Malay power! (I will elaborate more on this in tomorrow's posting.)

Real power comes not from destruction but from creation. It takes no skill to destroy – anyone can do it. But to CREATE - to build up, to nurture, to give life and knowledge - that takes a special kind of person. Because creation does not happen by accident – it takes discipline, skill, dedication, determination, intellect, planning and more. The keris represents the height of these superior qualities, which are inherent in all persons who possess REAL power!

The destructive person has NONE of these qualities. That's why the UMNO so-called leaders are adamant about waving the keris and calling for non-Malay blood, issuing stern warnings of violent reprisals against non-Malays, etc. And they pride themselves that their so-called nationalistic cry of “Ketuanan Melayu” is based on such a horrible definition of “power”?

But yet, this is the Malay “nationalism” endlessly preached by UMNO today! How can the Malays continue to believe UMNO's lies that their destiny is relative to how much of other people and cultures are destroyed!? What an blatant insult to the Malay race, religion and culture! I REFUSE to believe that the Malays are such a mindlessly bloodthirsty race!

It is abundantly clear that UMNO is NOT WORTHY to use the keris as a symbol. More than that – UMNO has sullied the keris as a symbol of Malay majesty, mastery and authority. Because it is clear to all and sundry that UMNO no longer embodies such upright principles! Just look at their money politics “cleanup” fiasco!

And the UMNO so-called leaders STILL refuse to acknowledge that their degeneration of values is the reason that they have lost the respect of the people! Instead they continue to blame the non-Malay bogeyman and utter their bloodthirsty threats!

Their degeneration has been proven again and again in the past year, where the rakyat have been treated to spectacle after disgusting spectacle of Ketuanan-UMNO gangster politics. If the only type of authority these characters understand is the iron fist and the leather whip, then they have no idea what true leadership is about.

It's shocking that such shallow and base intellects who have no appreciation of their own Malay heritage have duped so many Malays into believing that they (and only they) can represent the Malays. How can they be allowed to continue spreading their lies about how they are the true representatives of the Malays?

It's time that all Malays in the country to wake up and reclaim the keris from the dirty hands of UMNO. Don't let the beauty of Malay culture continue to be raked through the mud by the actions and attitudes of such low-class characters. Wake up and reclaim your dignity, pride and power!

continued tomorrow...


  1. Thank you for the enlightenment Bro.

    Who knows....with its 2 sided blade it can assist the user if used wisely...but will also "Makan Tuan" if abused!