Monday, March 30, 2009

Pt 4: Keagungan Melayu - Reclaiming the keris from the UMNOputras

4. The keris can only be wielded by those who have mastered themselves

You cannot wield the keris effectively in battle unless you are well-versed in silat. And anyone who truly understands martial arts knows that its objective is not to harm, but to exert control over the self, to drive the self towards greater heights of excellence and to hold such power with discipline, self-control and humility.

The sharpness of the keris is not meant to wage war on others, but to wage war on one's self. The significance of the keris is not in the ability to kill but it means that you must have the ability to control your inner desires. To be worthy of wielding the keris is to wrestle with and conquer your inner self. What does it mean to conquer yourself? It means that you must face and overcome your fears, physical and mental limitations, and ego.

Only those who embody such qualities are worthy to carry the keris. And that is the true meaning behind the authority of the keris - mastery of the self. The keris becomes a symbol of authority because people acknowledge the eminent qualities of the owner. If such an eminent person were to invoke the authority of the keris, people would gladly defer to his authority.

However, UMNO does not understand this. When they wield the keris, it is used to threaten and kill non-Malays. UMNO is not ashamed that they have no eminent qualities to show and resort to using the keris to threaten death and violence to those who question their own weaknesses and excesses. UMNO hides behind the keris when exposed for their arrogance and corruption.

It is unacceptable that the nobility of the keris has been so debased! Instead of reflecting the eminence of the owner, the keris has been used by UMNO to hide their corruption! And they dare to issue even more threats to those who speak out against their disgusting charade!

So, UMNO's Ketuanan Melayu has debased the keris to become a symbol of corruption and oppression.

Above that, Keagungan Melayu sees the keris as a symbol of the ability to command respect because the Malays have mastered themselves

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