Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's The REAL Reason Why Gobind Was Suspended?

Gobind says Speaker should have let him defend himself
Monday, 16 March 2009

By Lee Wei Lian and Adib Zalkapli (The Malaysian Insider)

KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 – Gobind Singh Deo, who was suspended from parliament for 12 months for accusing the deputy prime minister of being involved in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu in parliament last week, says that he cannot accept the punishment without being given the chance to defend himself.

;">Gobind was not allowed to explain his actions committed last week and a motion by the Pakatan Rakyat to refer him to the rights and privileges committee was denied.

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OK, recap:

Last week, YB Gobind stands up in Parliament and demands that Najib explain his involvement in the Altantuya murder. When Najib ignores him and leaves the hall, YB Gobind shouts at Najib, calling him a murderer.

That in itself is shocking - that an MP would call the DPM a murderer to his face in public!

Now he has been summarily suspended for a year without given the chance to defend himself at all. Not allowed a Parliamentary trial, or debate on the motion, or to be referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee.

He was not even allowed to open his mouth at all! Why so desperate to shut him up?!

What's the real issue here?

BN being unfair to PR? Definitely! Always have!

Proper Parliamentary procedures being ignored? Of course! More so with Najib in charge.

BN ganging up on PR?
Sure! But then what's new, hey? The Opposition is used to it.

Punishment does not fit the crime? Maybe...but then, it was a bit over to call Najib a murderer! Without proof, some more.

Aaaahhh....But therein lies the answer!

Yes, there is plenty of circumstancial evidence linking Najib to the Altantuya murder. There may even be some hard evidence. But in both the criminal trial and RPK's sedition trial, these have been strongly suppressed by the judge, prosecution and witnesses - the very ones who are supposed to expose the truth!

What do these cases have to do with Gobind's outburst?

Given that proof of Najib's involvement has been thwarted at every turn, I would say that Gobind's outburst in Parliament was not a brash and angry reaction at all - but a bold and calculated move.

Why? Because the real issue here is not that YB Gobind made a shockingly rude remark when he called Najib a murderer. The issue is not even that the BN is over-reacting and being unfair to the PR reps.

Surely YB Gobind knows such shocking words will draw strong reactions in Parliament and that there would be consequences - a debate of the motion to suspend him at least, as is the normal practice!

If that happened, YB Gobind would have been given a chance to justify WHY he was NOT WRONG
to call Najib a "murderer" - meaning he now has the opportunity to bring up points and evidence that were suppressed in the two trials. And YB Gobind would have gotten away scot-free for whatever he said because of his Parliamentary Immunity.

In such a scenario, who wins? Who loses? It's very clear!

So of course - YB Gobind had to be chopped off at the legs! No chance at all for him to speak, because that would be his chance to pounce on Najib. That was why he was not even allowed to open his mouth for one second. Shut him up right away and kick him out.

It's all about political attack and defence, and the political survival of the top dog. To hell with laws!

Malaysia has truly descended from the rule of law into the law of the jungle under Najib!

Ladies and gentlemen supporters of UMNO/BN - this is YOUR Prime Minister that YOU have chosen!


  1. fcukoff la eyes wide open but blind.....
    even if gobind has the prove...that was a low tactic to use....not lawyer like at all...and he is a wakil rakyat? phewww

    No need parliament lah...we rule like in the jungle...nak? yg kuat selamat.

  2. Anon...

    "we rule like in the jungle"

    that's exactly what I said is happening, isn't it?

    In fact, I've even written several times about how UMNO/BN under Najib has total disregard for rule of law, only interested in gangster tactics/law of the jungle.

    Ada baca ka? Who's the blind one now, anon?

    Please la. If you want to rebut, use your topside to think and not your backside, ok? Is that so difficult for you UMNO-types?

  3. Anon,


    "even if gobind has the prove...that was a low tactic to use....not lawyer like at all"

    Don't forget that YB Gobind is not sitting in Parliament as a lawyer but an MP.

    So he can bring up any issue that is of public interest.

    If he has proof that our PM-to-be is involved in a murder case, wouldn't that be of public interest?

    Anyway, since the courts are tying themselves up in knots trying NOT to mention Najib's name at all in the proceedings, how is the truth gonna come out?

    I thnk I'll give a name to senseless outbursts like yours from now on:


    in case you tak faham...poop means shit. and since your opinions are like shit, therefore


    Lesson for today ended.

    Thank you

  4. Eyes Wide Open,

    You have a great Blogsite & let us all look above the little "Irritants" to Focus on the "Bigger Picture."

    With 09 days to the “Assumed D-Day”, Fat Mama is already making “Her Agenda & Preparations”, “Instructing”....

    Wannabe & ALL their Mercenary Slaves to get ALL “Rivals & Obstructors”....

    “Locked up, Missing-in-action, Kidnapped & maybe....C4ed”.

    Haven’t PM Wannabe & Mama done enough damage & frustrated YB Gobind at the RPK/Altantuya court charades & in Parliament....

    Only to be “belittled” again & again by the Speaker & the UMNO/BN Ketuanan beggars?

    My take is that the UMNO/BN Ketuanan beggars & their Mecenary “Slaves” kept “Provoking” the young YB Gobind into this “Trap” to get him out of the way....

    What next....YB Karpal, YM RPK, Azalina, Ali Rustam, etc....

    too close for Wannabe & Mama’s “Comfort?”

    Even our 4th PM Mahathir feels SAD....

    Sad for him to now “Witness”....

    His past “haunting” him....DSAI, Pak Lah, KJ etc....

    As much as his “Hatred for Wannabe & Mama” has been, he has to “Kowtow” to Wannabe to “Protect” his son Datuk Mukriz & also to shield him from DSAI, Pak lah & KJ.

    But this is “Devine Intervention” at work to “Hear” this once “Great” man....

    “Lamenting” NOW on the “Re-cycle of his Own Legacy” that he “Initiated” 22 years ago has become the “UMNO Ketuanan Monster” with its Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle that it is now!

    His greatest regret....he should have done the DSAI “Ploy” to “Pak Lah & Wannabe” when he was the last PM....So very, very Sad indeed!!!

    Desperate People, at Desperate Times, will RESORT to Desperate Henious Actions even if it means “Destroying” their “Honourable Family Legacy”, All our Pillars of Democracy, Justice, our Monarchy, ALL our Nation’s Institutions, their own “MALAY MUSLIM HADHARI” party “UMNO”, their Own Kind, this country & its Many People!

    Even the marble plaque to announce the “Death of Democracy & Rule of Law” in Perak must seem....

    “Too Painful” for the UMNO/BN Jaguh kampung to “Mirror itself & accept”.

    What wrong has God’s Tree & the innocent marble plaque done to deserve this “Henious Injustice & Destruction”!

    How “Desperate” & “Pathetic” can our PM wannabe get to be, to CONTINUE pursuing this “FUTILE” Perak “Hung Exco” issue when the logical would be to “dissolve” the assembly.
    Not surprised UMNO/BN Ketuanan Leaders were INVOLVED in PROMOTING the most recent Protest....

    With UMNO/BN “Ketuanan” supporters who took part with the PR supporters also got “Water-cannoned, Tear gassed & arrested” by the Police & FRU!

    Ofcourse their UMNO/BN “Ketuanan” supporters including the Opposition PR “Ketuanan” supporters nationwide felt “CHEATED & PROTESTED”....

    UMNO/BN’s Education Reversion Plan Backfired & a SLAP in UMNO’S/BN’s face !!!

    How come the initial report claimed 124 protesters were arrested but later said that they were released except 9 (PAS & PKR ?)
    What about those released....


    INSTRUCED & PAID UMNO/BN Ketuanan downstream Leaders & supporters?

    PM & PM Wannabe have also committed other “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” to split their own “UMNO/BN Ketuanan” Warlords & supporters.

    This Desperate PM wannabe & Mama has “lost the Plot” completely & “blown” his last “Trump card” to be the incoming UMNO President.

    This son of our 2nd PM has now “Destroyed” his own Malay, Muslim Hadhari party UMNO beyond “Redemption”

    Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Leaders & their Mercenary Lapdog BOZOs are now “Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes”

    Their “Jaguh Kampung protests & Parliament Thuggery” was only the “Trial Run” for this “D-Day”

    God Almighty is Great & What goes round will come round to these Desperate UMNO/BN Beggars.
    What Wannabe committed in Perak....will be “Done onto himself”

    “Devine Intervention” works “Wonders”….& they are their own “Worst Enemies.”
    We will see the Powers of Devine Intervention at work again on 28th Mar....

    There will be a “MAJOR Revolt” of their own UMNO/BN Ketuanan downstream Leaders & supporters against their UMNO/BN Ketuanan PM, DPM, etc at the coming Assembly!
    With the Incoming UMNO President’s OWN EVENTUALITY....

    “Inheriting HIS OWN HUNG EXCO” with “Controversies” amongst the 20 plus contenders & their suppporters (Thugs)....

    Followed by “Anarchy & Chaos” at the Assembly…
    The “Opressors” will “FAIL” & God Almighty will ensure “Justice” will be done.

    Every new day will be another “New Revelation” to reveal the “Truth” in UMNO/BN Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

    Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter - Past, Present & Future

  5. Pls link the article…



    kah kah kah... MI NO SPIK INGLIS... MI NO PIL POM... kah kah kah...

  6. Hey !
    The senile old man is barking again !

    Dr M says Malays are under threat


    By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad played the race card today, warning the Malays could lose their political power.

    The former prime minister told a gathering of more than 1,000 at a rally organised by right wing Malay group Perkasa that the community...............
    Blah….blah……blah……….SHIT !!!!!!!!!! Stink !!

  7. Jamil Ismail @ Jamil Kucing, pemilik blog http://bbcatlover.blogspot.com/ rupanya musang berbulu ayam.. terbaca pendedahannya di http://jamilkucingpondan.blogspot.com ... patutlah blognya dipenuhi artikel dari blog orang lain (ciplak@tanpa rujuk) dengan maki hamun dan sumpah seranahnya, rupanya dia tengah kegersangan... al batangi penjilat al juburi !!!

  8. Anon 12:58

    Kalo nak bincang, silakan. Kalo nak berdebat, saya bersedia. Kalo nak memaki-hamun dan memfitnah orang - tak kira siapa pun - jangan ke sini. Ini bukan tempatnya.

    Siapa Jamil Ismail, saya tak tahu-menahu. Tetapi blog "jamilkucingpondan" yang anda sarankan itu low-class serendah-rendahnya. Tiada fakta, tiada logik, tiada kesopanan langsung.Hanya fitnah lucah yang melampau.

    Jika anda jenis yang suka "pendedahan" sebegitu, silakan...