Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mystery Behind The Mask...

The Man In The Iron Mask is a mysterious prisoner in a mask that is never removed.

No official explanation is given as to why he must wear the mask.

Strict orders are given from high-ups that his face not be revealed, on pain of death.

He is not allowed to tell his story and no one is allowed to ask him anything besides the most basic of questions.

As to exactly what his crime was that earned him his fate, that is a complete mystery. There is no explanation about the true circumstances of his crime.

Conspiracy theories abound that The Man was the victim of a conspiracy in the highest levels of government.

It was because he held within him a knowledge that would destroy the reign of the King of France!

In the 1998 movie based on Alexander Dumas' novel, someone else takes the place of the prisoner and the man in the iron mask goes scot-free to gain immense wealth and power!

I saw the movie and I liked it a lot!! It was a great piece of storytelling.

Of course, as in all movies, the events depicted in the motion picture are pure fiction any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially if anything similar happens like that about 10 years later, in a faraway land in the East.

It's just simply impossible that real life is so closely following a movie script! Isn't it?

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