Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pt 2: The Red guards of UMNO (updated with video)

This piece of news is nothing new:

Fear And Loathing Of Mat Rempit

(THE STAR) - Many people detest the Mat Rempit because of crimes associated with this group of bikers, and people are now incensed as they are getting more brazen.

Just last Thursday, some 20 Mat Rempit surrounded Kattryn Eng’s 23-year-old daughter, who is deaf and mute, at a petrol kiosk in Subang Jaya at 7am.

They slapped and kicked her daughter before running off with her bag, in the presence of other patrons and attendants.

“My daughter could not even call for help. I am really devastated that such an incident could happen. When my husband brought my daughter to the police station, there were two other parties making similar reports,” said Eng, 57, a travel agent. (Read Eng’s account in the letters page – N30.)

She considers the Mat Rempit a “dangerous nuisance” and insisted that police act before this group became even more daring.


But here's a recap of another news article to put a little perspective on things :

Azeez: Expect PR defections in Kedah

6 Apr 09

Azeez, the ex-Putera Umno chief, also said that although he was now in the supreme council, he would defend Mat Rempits if they were in trouble.

Azeez told the 200-strong crowd of mostly Malay Malaysian men: "Go ride your motorbikes around town until midnight tonight, and until 5pm tomorrow, not to scare people but to raise their spirits."

Several other local Umno Youth leaders repeated to the youths present: "Follow the law, but if the police give you a hard time just give us a call."


And people wonder why these rempits are becoming more brazen by the day?

Do people seriously expect UMNO's enforcement wing - the PDRM - to be unleashed on UMNO's precious Red Guards?


Also, with the Rempits set loose upon society with the blessings of UMNO, are we now seeing an insidious UMNO enforcement arm being formed? Is there a covert pattern to such random violence? I have a few theories but I'd rather not say until the pattern becomes more obvious.

But in the meantime, it is clear enough to say that the right-thinking, law-abiding rakyat have been left alone to fend for themselves.
It is obvious that there is no law and order anymore in Malaysia - it's the law of the jungle all the way.

From the way the Constitution is being ripped apart in the Federal Court, to the selective prosecution of the MACC & PDRM, to the official protection of criminals (even at the highest echelons of power), to the cover ups of murder and abuse of suspects in police custody, to the blatant corruption and abuse of power in all levels of society - is it any wonder that our country is in the pits?

I mean "bapak borek, anak rintik", "leadership by example" and all that jazz, right?

And here's a short video that casts some perspective on why I call these Mat Rempits UMNO's Red Guards. I'm sure you will have no difficulty drawing the parallels between these two groups - they are obvious enough. Even the words used to justify them are similar!

Take care people. Be very careful. You're on your own...


  1. Eyes Wide Open,

    “Maybe it takes someone WITHOUT any name, without any position, without any past attachment, no political baggage,

    Someone only WITH the sincerest interest to right a wrong, being guided by the Almighty...

    Having the unseens praying for him as they too are concerned of this state of affair of this blessed nation....

    Maybe the time has not been so near yet....for such ‘Event’ to happen.”

    Yes, many Chosen Situational Leaders will evolve in the process from amongst the Rayaat like LGE, Mohd Nizar, etc....

    Finally, followed by God Almighty’s “Anointed” Phoenix....

    A True & Wise, Humble but Firm Leader for Malaysia will arise like a “Phoenix” from amongst “the Downtrodden Rayaat....Insha Allah!

    Our prayers to God Almighty seeking “Sanity, Truth, Justice, Equality, Human Rights & Freedom” will be answered.

  2. flyer168

    if only such a leader exists...

    so far, even the most reform-image politicians (including veterans like LKS & Karpal) seem to succumb to political expedience.

    What's the use of worrying about the sentiments of a few people (party politics) when the country at large is concerned about something else? Isn't that what is bringing about the downfall of UMNO? Will the Pakatan become BN 2 and join their fate eventually? There are signs that it may...

    As a country, the rakyat needs to rise above partisan politics. People need to realise that the days when politicians are voted into office and given a free hand are open. Those days, politicians had a conscience and a sense of duty to the country and rakyat. Nowadays, most politicians want power to forward their own agenda.

    You're right to say that this country desperately needs REAL leadership - by people who will not get distracted by politics, but who have the courage to do the right things that will win the support of the people.

    We need people like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Mandela, Aquino, Yudhono. Instead, we have a system where people like Najib are given a free ride to the top. And what he doesn't get for free, he steals - like Perak.

    The rakyat must learn to play an active role to keep the politicians excesses in check. But that is what the BN is trying to resist.

    People musn't be fooled by the current rash of "reforms". These are just temporary measures of a party desperate to stay in power. It's a ploy to satiate the the rakyat's anger and then lull them back sleep. When that happens, it will be business as usual. Only then, I'm afraid that the BN would havbe learnt their lesson, and would introduce more measures to suppress opposition.