Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1...2...3...4...HIT IT!!

This is cute!

It seems that Datuk Rais has decided that the solution for all our nation's problems is...A SONG!!

Contest for 1Malaysia song

KUALA KLAWANG, 27 April 2009: The Information, Communication and Culture Ministry will launch a contest to identify the best composer for the 1Malaysia song.

Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said just like other songs that inculcate patriotism in their composition, especially songs like Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita and those that promote reading, the ministry also wanted the 1Malaysia song lyrics to attract listeners.

“God willing, I hope we can get a good response from composers and we hope to pick the best composition,” he told reporters after attending a dinner hosted by Kelab Rekreasi Warga Tua, Kuala Klawang here last night.

Dr Rais who is also Jelebu Member of Parliament said the song would represent all races.

The 1Malaysia song, to be in composed in Bahasa Malaysia, would be widely aired on all TV and radio stations according to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s wishes.


Sheesh! Why didn't anyone think of THAT! Just write a few words and put it to a tune and corruption will melt away, abuse of power will no longer exist, leaders will grow extra brains and the rakyat will be filled with patriotic fervor!

Right...a song is just what our nation needs! OK, in line with this blogs decision to support 1Malaysia, let's get down to it.

I fancy myself as a bit of an amateur songwriter. So here goes...

Dulu Malaysia kita pecah
Kini kita 1 Malaysia
Bangkitlah rakyat semua
Dan nyanyi bersama-sama

1 Malaysia,
1 Malaysia
Aman dan makmur
Tapi janganlah akur
Diri saksama
Ada berbeza
Lu sama aku
Saya tuan kamu

Kerajaan beri wang ehsan
Tapi mereka kini perasan
Sekolah sudah bina
Undi tak tahu ke mana

Masuk kerajaan nak berkhidmat
Jangan lupa sendiri manfaat
Tak apa diri tak berdaya
Kenal orang saja boleh kaya

Undang-undang untuk semua
Kecuali untuk saya
Lain orang, lain nyawa
Inilah 1 Malaysia

We could go on and on about this, can't we? Ala, but 4 verses good enough for a quick sampling la. Oh, and here's what i think are a couple of good referances for composing the tune.

Memang sesuai sekali, I think. The drift of the message is pretty similar to what our Ministry is trying to portray anyway, don't you think?

Just imagine, just a song...and we'll be living in a paradise on earth like North Korea!!

Get cracking guys!! Don't let our Dear Leader down!!


  1. Rais Yatim is utterly Old School, isn't he? ;-)

  2. That's all they can do, COMPOSE ridiculous songs and sing it on TV! Remember the SETIA song? Who the hell takes notice and cares about it?

  3. Patriotic songs are one of the last refuges of the politically corrupt. Keep the people entertained and docile, and you can pretty do whatever you please!

  4. No, they are trying to brainwash TV viewers with doctrines of BN but luckily, not many people watch the national TV stations anymore, they prefer ASTRO!

  5. Ohhh... Eye Tee
    Sukaaaa... Eye Tee
    Kenalll.... Eye Tee

    Anyone still remember that notorious IT song from the late 90s?

  6. hahahah! Suka Hati mereka la... nak lagu. buat aje lah.. saya pun boleh!!!