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The Cracks In BN Become Even More Apparent


We all know that the MSM will only talk good of BN and ill of the non-BN. Since the MSM's flavour of the day is to see to the breakup of PR, I decided to do a little snooping and look at the condition of the BN. What I saw was not pretty.

Of course, I had no access to insider information. All I had was the reports from the MSM, so the ability to really read between the lines and put 1/2 and 1/2 together is esssential. All that snooping resulted in the followin article in HartalMSM - a citizen-initiated media watch website.


Which is worse – the Pakatan rift or the BN rift?

Basically, this article explores how, despite the best efforts of the MSM to spin the BN positively, the lack of political cohesion – even in the critical time after GE12, even after Najib has taken over as the saviour of BN – would mean that the BN is heading towards an inevitable and possibly permanent breakup. Because the cracks in the BN have become too obvious for even the BN-controlled MSM to hide.

Of course, the article was just my opinion based on various media reports. But taken together, the media reports begin to paint a picture of a BN headed for a possibly permanent breakup.

Latest developments would seem to lend credibility to my assertions.

First, there was YM Ku Li's speech to the UMNO Club in Melbourne where he candidly states:

"The racial power-sharing model now practiced by Barisan is broken. It takes more honesty than we are used to in public life to observe that this is not a temporary but a terminal crisis. An old order is ending."

Of course, Ku Li - UMNO's voice of conscience - has always been ignored by the UMNOputras. But my assertions in the article was not the breakup (breakdown?) of UMNO - that's a story for another day. Rather it was the breakdown of UMNO-MCA cooperation.

And today's NST news item would give credence to my assertion:


Buck up, Chua tells BN parties

(excerpt from NST) KUALA LUMPUR: Complacency. Arrogance. Lack of intra-party cooperation. Looking at issues from an ethnic angle.

These are some of the problems uncovered by the Barisan Nasional's chief coordinator for Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, on his visits to meet BN grassroots in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.

Two months into his new role, Dr Chua, the MCA deputy president, noted that changes made after last year's general election were too small to make any difference.

"BN had been in power for so long that complacency and a tinge of arrogance had crept into its component parties and some leaders had been taking things easy," he told the New Straits Times in an interview yesterday.

Citing an example, he said BN parties held two or three meetings every five years when ideally, they should meet at least every three months.


Now remember, this is NST - a paper wholly-owned by UMNO. If even a paper directly controlled by the ruling party cannot hide the fact that the MCA is unhappy with the UMNO-led BN's breakdown in cooperation, how bad do you think the situation really is?

The most candid revelation of the BN breakdown surely must come from ex-MCA Deputy President Chua Jui Meng, who on August 10 revealed that he had recommended several times for MCA to leave the Barisan.


Chua cadang MCA keluar dari BN

(excerpt from Malaysian Insider) KUANTAN, Ogos 10 – Bekas Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Chua Jui Meng berkata, sudah beberapa kali beliau mencadangkan kepada kepimpinan MCA agar parti itu keluar dari Barisan Nasional (BN).

Cadangan ini beliau buat kerana marahkan sikap buruk beberapa kerat pemimpin Umno yang mereka buat melalui kenyataan dan sikap mereka. Chua berkata demikian dalam ceramahnya di Kuantan malam tadi.

Tambah Chua, beliau kini rasa bebas dan puas terutamanya bila bersuara untuk rakyat kerana beliau tidak lagi perlu berselindung seperti dalam kerajaan dan dalam MCA/BN dahulu.


Surely Ong Tee Keat will not continue to suffer such indignities? His party has been thrown off the deep end with the PKFZ scandal. That's a real "damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't" scandal that UMNO conveniently washed their hands of.

I'm not envious of their task - the MCA Transport Ministers all OK'ed the project (including the cost over-runs and dubious deals). The biggest beneficiaries I won't mention here, but there are enough news reports in the Sun that reveal the names of the people behind the companies that made hundreds of millions from all the PKFZ dealings.

But when the shit hit the fan, it's the MCA who are left to fend for themselves. Poor fellas! As usual, they just know how to follow UMNO's orders and be the guys that "chup sou zhou see" (pick up the broken pieces) after them.

Now, we have gotten direct from the horses' mouths direct evidence of:

1. Lack of cooperation between BN parties
2. Lack of communication among BN parties
3. Bullying of MCA by UMNO
4. Arrogance and complacency
5. BN being an unworkable political arrangement

Together with the abuse and insults that the MCA has received from UMNO's most faithful mouthpiece - Utusan Malaysia - it's clear that the MCA is increasingly being pushed to the edge.

So what is the MCA going to do about it?

Is the MCA, who had been shamefully reduced from its role as "senior coalition partner" to "trophy eunuch", finally ready to make the hard choice - continue to accept its castration by UMNO or finally stand up to try and regain its vanquished dignity?

Either way, it is clear that the BN is finished as a viable political coalition. It no longer represents the people's aspirations and that's why the people have rejected it. To continue in the same mould is political suicide for the MCA. But to offend the Big Boss is also political suicide. How? How? HOW?

We can see that there's enough evidence at hand to conclude that AT LEAST ONE BN party is CONFIRMED to be dead. We have not even begun to explore the MIC's issues - but that one will be forthcoming.

As it is now, the UMNO has abandoned all pretense of working with its political partners in the BN. When was the last time anyone saw the leaders of the UMNO, MCA, MIC at the same function - holding hands and all that crap?

The MIC is completely ignored by UMNO, who are actively trying to court HINDRAF now.

The Gerakan is completely ignored by UMNO as KTK flounders in his Ministry of KPI that nobody takes seriously.

What events that UMNO does organise revolve around condemning Malays who work harmoniously with Chinese as traitors, condemning Malaysian Chinese as a whole as traitors, condemning Malaysian Chinese-majority parties as anti-Islam, etc. Add the fact that UMNO is courting PAS to betray the PR to form a Malay-Muslim majority government coalition with them, shows that they have no consideration to the feelings of the non-Malay BN components.

How can the non-Malay BN components - with the MCA especially - stomach such brazen political adultery? Leave the "wife" of sixty years at home to clean up the mess and go out and openly joli-joli with the wife of another who happened to catch their fancy? Openly insult the original wife in public while tackling the new target? Come home and still expect the wife to serve faithfully and quietly?

Even the strongest marriage, even the most subservient wife would not be able to stand such philandeering! The divorce is surely forthcoming!

The BN is too strong? The BN will not break up? It's time for those who still believe in this myth to wake up!!

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