Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rohaizat, Rohaizat, Rohaizat...

Rohaizat - UMNO's great hope in Permatang Pasir.
Rohaizat - The guy UMNO said will best wakil the rakyat in Permatang Pasir
Rohaizat - The best candidate that UMNO can come up with to contest Permatang Pasir
Rohaizat - The fella who is pagar makan padi
Rohaizat - Takde orang lain ke? Peniaga ikan pun boleh la...

YM Ku Li is also wondering on his blog:

"Is Umno so short of people that we have to find a lawyer disbarred for financial dishonesty to stand? Has financial misconduct become so common among us that we no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability?

By fielding a disbarred lawyer, today’s Umno is projecting the image that it lives by a different moral code from the rest of Malaysia. One set of rules for Umno, and another for everyone else. Either that, or this is the best we can do."


Aiya, no matter how UMNO tries to justify it, it's a very simple and straightforward thing - would you entrust a thief to guard your house?

If not, don't hire the thief lo.

If you hire the thief, then serve you right if you are robbed la!

For UMNO to keep selling people the idea that the thief is the best candidate to jaga the house is just plain stupid la. The only proper thing to do is to withdraw Rohaizat's candidacy and pronounce a walkover.

If UMNO continues to try to push the thief as the perfact jaga, then it is only perpetuating the idea that:

1. UMNO is desperate for power, forsaking all pretense of ethics, morality and law in their quest to get elected

2. UMNO is too arrogant, believing that people will be stupid enough to accept a thief just because they say so

3. UMNO is too corrupt, being used to kebas-ing huge amounts to notice a small amount such as RM100,000+

4. UMNO is bereft of talent, because the best candidate they can come up with is this character.

Habislah BN....

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