Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penyokong UMNO Saran MCA & Gerakan PODAH!

I didn't say it - it's not my conspiracy theory!

Syed Akbar Ali wrote a piece (published in the Malay Mail on 12/8) that says basically that. So the prominent UMNO blogger finally put out UMNO's real intentions into the world via the UMNO controlled MSM. Got to be real la then, right?

Well, well, well...This certainly confirms and vindicates all that I had written about this issue before this. So it is possible to read the truth from the MSM after all! You just need to have your two eyes wide open, a healthy skepticism and an imagination.

Some highlights from Tuan Syed's article (and my comments in red):

Syed Akbar Ali begins his article saying that it was never the Malays' intention to share power with the immigrants. They were forced to do so because it was one of the conditions of the British government and that this arrangement had diluted the Malay population to account for only 50% of the population them. However, he goes on to say:

Well the country has changed now. Demographically the Malays actually form over 70% of the 25 million population. By 2020 (11 years hence) the Malays will make up over 75% of the population. The idea of political power sharing will die a natural death – not by design. By 2050 Malays will easily make up over 85% of the population.

What's his point? Finally, absolute Malay hegemony is within grasp!

"...evolving demographics will reduce the expediency for the Malays to depend on power sharing."

But dubious statistics aside, this is a dangerous statement coming from an UMNO blogger whose influence helped bring about AAB's downfall and install the new regime. What he's basically saying is clear: WHO NEEDS THE NON-MALAYS?

I know, some of you are just gonna think that I'm over-exaggerating.

Really ah?

"The BN’s days, in its present form, are therefore numbered. If the PAS and UMNO were to unite on some platform, the demise of the BN may be expedited."

EXPEDITED? That means they have already started the process of killing off the BN (as in, the BN's non-Malay parties) and they want to hurry it up it now! The alternative? A ruling coalition comprising only of Malay-Muslims. In other words, UMNO is gunning for 100% Malay-Muslim hegemony, even though Malay-Muslims consist of only 55% of the country!

"It is not necessary that the MCA must necessarily or always occupy the Chinese side of the power sharing formula with UMNO. It is even less with the Gerakan because the Gerakan was not even a member of the BN until 1970.

"the MCA and Gerakan may decide to leave the BN. They should not be discouraged. It is their right to do so and UMNO must learn to live with that without getting too upset."

Ok, let's break through all this hoity-toity language and translate it into your average joe's language:

Just so you know where you stand...we don't give a flying shit about you, and you're a pretty big nuisance to our goal of absolute racial hegemony. We don't need you, so if you want to podah...podahlah! In fact, even if you don't want to podah also we're gonna get rid of your sorry yellow ass. It's no big loss to us!

"If the MCA and Gerakan leave under political stress, of course the BN will unravel and UMNO will be left in quite a predicament. Even if they remain within a weaker BN but start to hold UMNO at ransom there could be serious repercussions, especially for Malay political power."

"UMNO must make serious effort to preempt and handle the political evolution."

Oh, wait! But ah...don't podah yet, you know! You podah now, we in big shit cos we're not really ready yet. You see, PAS is not on board yet and we haven't destroyed Pakatan for sure. So even though we hate your guts, we still need you to stick around for a while. Let's just hope we don't get so irritated with your festering presence that something bad happens la.

So if you don't mind, stick around until we're good and ready to kick your asses out. In the meantime, be good little obedient dogs.

I had already said that the MCA, Gerakan and other non-Malay parties are merely "trophy eunuchs". Their usefulness to UMNO is measured by the votes they deliver. All other signs of power-sharing are just window dressing. The real issue is if these parties can't deliver the votes to keep UMNO in power, then they are of no use anymore - bye bye!!

"It does not mean that party rolls must be opened to non Malays but there
should not be any obstacles for UMNO to field a Chinese as an election candidate. The party can also appoint such candidates as Ministers in Cabinet or even invite capable representatives of the Chinese community to become Cabinet Ministers. Candidates from the MCA, Gerakan, DAP or the Chinese NGOs should not be excluded. Chinese representation in Parliament and the Cabinet should be maintained."

Yup! That's UMNO's vision for Malaysia. Not a government based on fair representation of the people, but a government based on total racial hegemony, controlled by a small elite, and token representatives from non-Malay communities.

I'm pretty sure that proponents of this idea had the words of the corrupt emperor Commodus Caesar in the movie "Gladiator" in mind, when he decreed that he would marry his sister to produce an heir and banish her son:


1Malaysia ka Najib?

1BN put tak boleh la!


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