Sunday, September 20, 2009

OTK - What a crafty bugger! (Updated)

Those of you who remember my "behind the scenes" peek at the MCA, will remember I said Chua Soi Lek is Najib's proxy in the attempt to make MCA even more of the eunuch it already is.

OTK, for whatever reasons - elevate himself to hero status, real sense of integrity and professionalism, or fighting for MCA's survival - decided to make a real attempt at getting to the bottom of the PKFZ mega-scandal.

He has been resisted at every point - accussations, lawsuits, smear campaigns, etc. Then OTK reveals a million-ringgit attempt to remove him from MCA (no guessing who's gonna replace him then la).

OTK checked that attempt by sacking CSL from the MCA. With CSL out of the way, there would be no other viable UMNO proxy in the MCA.

But after that, there was the struggle for who gets to have the EGM. OTK seemed to have the upper hand as he had control of the entire Presidential machinery. But CSL had strong grassroots support, so it was still a toss up who would win the EGM game.

But, surprises of surprises, OTK CONCEDED the entire EGM agenda to CSL!! It wasn't even a merged agenda but it was entirely the CSL camps agenda.

Now this is extremely unusual as we have seen so far that OTK is a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners politician. It is not like him to concede anything. Was he pressured?

Could be.

Did anyone notice that all the media attacks on OTK ceased around the time he announced he conceded the EGM agenda to CSL? Was that part of the bargain - OTK's personal survival in exchange for his political surrender? Hmmm...

Shortly after that, Najib announced the setting up of another TWO task forces to investigate PKFZ. The most insulting must be that the Transport Ministry is in charge of one of the Task Forces and OTK is not involved at all. Look at the names of the key personnel of these task forces - ALL UMNO GUYS!

Why the need for TWO more task forces, when OTK is already doing such a fine job of revealing at least some of the dirt? Why is OTK being sidelined? It's clear that OTK has been made completely redundant with this act of Najib.

So far, it's pretty obvious that UMNO is trying its damndest to remove OTK from the picture. OTK has now effectively been removed from the PKFZ. And now, there is the task of removing him from the MCA - and as he had already conceded the EGM agenda, it is likely that he is facing an uphill battle to win there. Of course la, you don't concede anything unless you are sure you can't win!

But OTK has proven to be a real crafty politician. He upped the ante yesterday by threatening to resign from the MCA together with the entire presidential council. That would create a large leadership vacuum that will take some time to fill. It will also damage the MCA's image even further if such a thing were to happen.

So the delegates would have to really think twice - they could accept the blood money to vote OTK out and CSL in, but the exodus led by OTK after that may not leave much of an MCA pie for them to share anymore.

What to do, what to do?

And today, the CC dealt another blow to the CSL camp, downgrading CSL's sacking to a suspension.

This is a damn brilliant move on OTK's part - you just have to admire this guy's cunning. On the surface it looks like good news for the CSL camp, but the ramifications for CSL are severe.

For starters, it renders some of the EGM's CSL agenda redundant - i.e. the reinstatement of CSL's MCA membership and position. The EGM could even possibly be announced redundant now that its raison d'etre (CSL's sacking) is no more, although this possibility is remote.

Second, it elevated OTK's image because it demonstrates that the MCA is still democratic in that it can overturn the Presidential Council's decisions.

Third, it cuts off CSL's basis for his campaign against OTK at the legs. The CSL camp cannot use outrage at CSL's sacking as an excuse to campaign anymore as the MCA has shown democracy and kindness to CSL by reducing his punishment.

Fourth, the suspension period makes it impossible for CSL to contest in the 2011 party polls and 2013 GE. SO that's the end of UMNO/CSL's dreams of gaining control of the MCA.

So, UMNO/CSL's MCA takeover campaign is effectively over.

At least for now...



EWO - I told you so! This is the Malaysian Insider's report:

Soi Lek: Suspension will make grassroots angrier

By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, September 20 — For some, a decision to commute a sacking to a suspension will come as a relief. But for former MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, yesterday’s move by the MCA central committee to overturn a presidential council decision to expel him and instead suspend him for four years is far from welcome.

. . . . . .

Dr MCA delegates will be even more unhappy as they will feel that the EGM has been undermined and the severity of the suspension will in effect prevent him from holding any post till after the next party elections.

“The suspension will make the delegates more angry,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

“It is not like a six month suspension. The four year suspension will prevent me from standing in the next party elections."


  1. Why is it effectively over?

    What is OTK loses by majority vote these 2 elections?

    1) That PornStar is reinstated as Deputy President?

    2) The no confidence vote in OTK passes by 51% of the delegates voting?

  2. In any event, I am all for PornStar winning.

    I think this outcome works best for Pakatan in the long run.

  3. Where is the FEAR of GOD?

  4. sunwayopal

    it depends on who you think ordered the back down on the sentence. on the surface it looks good for CSL.

    But his suspension is for 4 years - he will miss the 2011 MCA elections and he will also miss the 2013 GE.

    If CSL is jockeying to be in power and UMNO is backing him, will CSL get such a sentence? Not likely right?

    So it's more likely that OTK is behind this to checkmate UMNO/CSL. If so, i'm sure OTK won't leave things to chance. He would have some ways to make sure he gets the advantage.

  5. I think MCA should be buried..permanently.
    After TAn Siew Sin...the chinese had leaders that had low morals and standing.

    given the current trend..every chinese child is a potential Chua Soi lek, Ling Ling Shit, Koon Koon Swan, Lee San Choon and the list goes on...

  6. Let the show begins and hope that it ends with death for all.

  7. What a crappy myopic attempt to retain MCA relevance- Who the hell wants MCA to survive other than UMNO Be it OTK or CLS?
    Clearly OTK anointment was to come up with something seemingly genuine from the cabinet PKFZ investigation(S)with a view to hoodwink the general public as they MCA were the handlers of the project which is all part of the BN coalition "DEAL".
    OTK in part miss-understood his mission or most likely his AIM went haywire - GOD knows! But he went too high up the ladder, he named who and what was meant to be a sacrificial lamb; he got personal. He tried to kill two vultures with one pebble.
    What's crafty about this: this fool declared war with his hand in the cookie jar.
    Just take a look at the RPK's latest posting which OTK never mention much less appear to investigate, where the Gomen is scrambling to pluck out from what is already in the RAKYAT's eyes.
    Did we have this kind of reaction and at this level when OTK named his personal nemesis - NO.
    Where on earth is MCA indispensable from UMNO except by the racism we all agree to perpetuate albeit for public consumption?
    OTK gave us RAKYAT something to chew but unwittingly bit off more than he should and UMNO isn’t pleased with it, not just Tiong or CLS or MCA for that matter even the PDRM is in a quandary.
    OTK as is, is a political inconvenience which is in part welcome by the public albeit his pinchy bit revelation. An inadvertent Trojan horse the kind we must brace ourselves for as the BN CRACK.
    I dare say; we ain’t see nothing yet.
    The truth of the matter is “perception” everything UMNO its components cohorts and anything to do with UMNO, have met its day – if they are bitten by a cobra”OTK” the cobra will up and die; When UMNO/BN cheer; hooray the RAKYAT Boooo , and they’re feeling it, that’s for sure.

  8. CSL the next MCA President?
    DAP laughing all the way to the 2013 GE