Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dr Tee, dah dapat status Bumiputra ke belum?

Dr Tee has done it again with his new article promoting ultra-Malayness.

It's just more rehashing of the usual BS - Malaysian Chinese are ultra-kiasu racists out to grab everything from Malays, Malays have to be eternally vigilant against the Chinese, Malays must vigorously fight the Chinese to maintain every inch of their special rights or it will be lost forever, the Malays are being victimised because the ultra-kiasu Chinese are exploiting their kind and gentle nature, etc, etc, etc.

It just gets so tiresome trying to rebut all that nonsense AGAIN AND AGAIN! What kind of sick mind is able to endlessly recycle the same shit in so many guises?

Well, I'm not going for a rebuttal today. Just a simple question for the good Dr Tee Chuan Seng, the "more Malay that the Malays" champion for Ketuanan Melayu:

After all your hard work speaking Malay, acting Malay, looking Malay and promoting Ketuanan Melayu, you got Bumiputra status already ka?

Ok la, one more follow up question from there:

If you were born in Malaysia ("diputrakan di bumi Malaysia") as a legal citizen, how come you don't automatically get Malaysian Bumiputra status, whereas illegal immigrants such as Indons, Filipinos and Pakistanis can get it in a few years?

One 2nd generation Indon even gets to be the Selangor MB and tell other 3rd, 4th, 5th generation Malaysians to F*** OFF with their dreams of equality. Wahh...the Indon can "convert" to be a Malay and grow filthy rich with the Ketuanan Melayu Party while you - the Cina - got to peddle offensive doctrines against your own race and still be forever denied Bumiputra Status?

Where's your dignity, man?


  1. Tee is a low-quality phd holder. He is terribly inadequate in terms of knowledge and views. I'm afraid this guy gives his religion a bad name.

  2. If you read his blog, he admits sending his kids to chinese schools. While calling on government to get rid of chinese schools.

    What a hypocrite!