Monday, December 7, 2009

Give GST a chance says this guy...BAH!

From the Star, 7 Dec 1009:

We’ll be paying less with GST

I REFER to “The poor will be badly hit by the GST” (The Star, Dec 3). What surprised me was that the writer was not sure whether the existing sales tax and service tax would be abolished when GST is introduced.

He mentioned that the Government was unlikely to forgo a 15% sales and service tax for a 5% GST. It has been mentioned many times – and published too in the media – that GST will replace sales tax and service tax.

In his Budget speech recently, the Prime Minister clearly mentioned that if the Government were to introduce GST, the rate would be lower than the current sales tax and service tax.

About a week ago the Second Finance Minister announced that the proposed rate for GST would be 4% and this was widely reported in major newspapers.

Currently, a wide range of goods is subject to 5% or 10% sales tax and 5% service tax on selected services. By simple calculation and logic, I would say that the poor should not be badly hit if they were to pay the 4% GST.

Many of us may not realise that we are indirectly paying 5%-10% sales tax on many goods that we buy; sales tax is already charged by the manufacturer.

The writer also mentioned that eating out at air-conditioned restaurants will see an increase of 5% in the food bill. At the moment there already is a 5% service tax charged by many restaurants, pubs and hotels.

There is also 5% service tax charged on several other services such as on telephone bills, lawyer’s fees, and by workshops and car parks. This 5%-10% sales tax and 5% service tax will be replaced by a lower GST rate of 4% which should benefit the rakyat at large.

The Government has been emphasising on “People First” and with that has given the assurance that the poor will not be unduly affected as essential goods and services will not be taxed under the GST regime.

To me the proposed GST rate at 4% will not burden the lower and middle income groups as the present sales tax and service tax will be abolished.

As a consumer we should have an open mind and trust the Government’s promise that GST will not burden the rakyat.

Shah Alam, Selangor.


I only have one question for this "open minded" dude...

When has the the rakyat EVER ended up paying LESS when the BN govt "restructured", "tweaked", "reformed", etc the economy? (I'm being kind here, I'm not even gonna mention that every time the BN govt "restructured", "tweaked", "reformed", etc, the economy - e.g. fuel subsidy restructuring - the rakyat always ends up getting shafted with permanent price spikes.)

Maybe this dude should try opening his eyes instead...

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  1. Good one. I thought the letter was wanting in many respects.