Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BN Youth - Are They The Right Ones To Demonstrate Indignation On Behalf Of Malaysia?

Just saw the news about the Khairy-led BN Youth demo against the "political interference" by the Australian MPs regarding Anwar's Sodomy2 saga on NTV7. What a joke that these fellows see themselves as the people worthy to defend the banners of our country!

First of all, what is "political interference"?

Just do a simple Google search and you will find that "political interference" has a very different meaning from the Malaysian government's definition.

The Malaysian govt's definition of "political interference" is when foreign lawmakers express indignation at the ruling junta's blatant abuse of power and the prostitution of state organs, specifically re the Anwar Sodomy2 saga.

But to the rest of the world, "political interference" means politicians stepping in to influence how independent institutions should be run, suppressing information, and basically all manner of pressuring people and institutions to make decisions that favour these politicians and their hidden agendas.

Don't believe? Just Google it! Try and find even ONE article that describes "political interference" as meaning "politicians giving an opinion about the government of another country".

This is just one of the many reasons that make the BN Youth's demonstration against foreign "political influence" so ridiculously hypocritical.

FIRST, because the BN government and the massive corruption plaguing this country is constructed on the basis of flagrant BN "political influence"!

SECOND, Malaysia is not above criticising other countries. The BN govt has unashamedly (and sometimes baselessly) criticised Israel, America, Australia, and basically the entire Western world. Malaysia is especially fond of making Singapore its whipping boy with baseless allegations and insinuations of Chinese persecution of the Malays there. Ironically, the one country that Malaysia does NOT criticise but feels and affinity to is Myanmar. Well, birds of a feather, eh?

THIRD, look at the line up of "Malaysian champion patriots" in the BN Youth demo. We have Khairy "The Kris" (now relegated to "Khairy the ikan bilis", UMNO/BN Youth Chair notwithstanding), Bung "Tiap-tiap Bulan Pun Bocor" Mokhtar, and of course the Makkal Sakhti hijacker himself "Rear-Stab" Thanenthiran. And according to blogger Syed Akbar Ali, those present also included pro-UMNO and even extremist bloggers like "Big Dog, Another Brick In The Wall, Syamsul Marahku, Parpukari and a few others."

Hardly the epitome of an illustrious crowd of indignant voices!

Sure, it's not nice for our country to be criticised. But let's look at it in context. Malaysia has been criticised much less than we have criticised others. I believe this is because Malaysia has always been looked upon with respect in the past for our unique history, peaceful society, business-friendly environment and stable government.

So when foreigners have less than flattering things to say about us, it is a symptom - not the disease. The REAL disease is that Malaysia has lost all its standing in the eyes of foreign governments and media. That's why they have no compulsion to criticise us! Not only have the people of Malaysia lost confidence and patience with the BN govt, foreign politicians and movers/shakers like the Wall Street Journal are also not shy to criticise what they perceive as blatant injustice anymore.

So for them to speak up against Malaysia, it is best for the BN to listen.

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