Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Najib Blackmailing Malaysians?

As the country's Finance Minister, it's amazing that Najib is NOT concerned about the economy, leaving that job to his webmasters and speechmakers. Instead, he is busying himself with grabbing power, concocting ever more audacious schemes to destroy his enemies!

He cannot be so stupid to expect the rakyat to still support him as the PM amidst all his filthy political shenanigans.

Certainly, he is NOT so stupid. And he certainly does NOT expect the rakyat's support. If he did, he would have moved to dissolve the Perak state assembly and go for re-elections instead of staging the coup d'etat and using Baginda Sultan Perak to rubber stamp his illegal takeover.

No, he does not expect the rakyat's support. But he DOES expect to be in power and be unchallenged. And he aims to achieve this by destroying his political enemies.

The problem is, he includes half the rakyat as his enemies - those that do not support him.

Surely that is the reason for all these political shenanigans! Najib will break the rakyat's spirit by destroying their hope! And he destroys their hope by destroying the people and institutions that they have put their hope in - those who represent change/reform, even from among the ranks of UMNO/BN! On the other hand, he hits them where it hurts most - by subjecting the rakyat's families to potential financial ruin!

How else can you explain why he is allowing the Malaysian economy to slowly slip towards disaster? As the economy is allowed to rot, disaster looms for large segments of Malaysian society. But there is certainly one all important segment that he has taken good care of beforehand - his UMNO cronies. Hey, the RM 7 billion UMNO/BN stimulus package is a lot of moolah for just a few thousand people to pocket!

So he expects the rakyat to live or die by themselves while his cronies grow fat and rich with the suffering taxpayers' money!

Isn't this proof enough of this ruthless and cunning man's intentions?

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