Saturday, August 15, 2009

MCA Under Siege - UMNO Moving In For The Kill?

This piece of news is really telling. I'll just quote the relevant parts:


MCA must survive at all costs, vows Ong

(The Star)

“There is a small group of party leaders who have allowed outsiders to infiltrate the MCA for their own personal gain. People claim that I am play-acting when I say that I face difficulties and that I am surrounded by enemies.

Hmmm...interesting. Who are these outsiders? UMNO agents? Well since OTK's not telling, we won't know for sure la. But we can safely assume that OTK is sending a message to his enemies that he knows what's going on. And for him to say that he is "surrounded by enemies" - wohhh, that's a lot of people! He's in deep doo doo man!

Now let's think - his enemies are not MCA members, but outsiders. Let in by a small group of party leaders. Who are these treacherous leaders? Must be opposing Team members la - led by CSL. Who else would want OTK out of the picture?

OTK also said he is facing many difficulties. Difficulties doing what? As the elected MCA president, he is the big dog in charge so obviously he can get things done there. He has supporters and committees to back him up in case he needs to "discipline" any of his enemies within the party. I mean, he got the disciplinary committee to haul CSL up over his sex tape thing, right? So it's very likely that OTK is referring to the difficulties coming from OUTSIDE the MCA, i.e. the Transport Ministry. Now that comes under HIS big dog - no prizes for guessing who that is la.

“They already have RM100mil now – money which can be used to build 20 new Chinese schools. Instead, they want to use it to bring me down,” he said.

Which "outsider" has that kind of influence and money destroy the MCA- the 2nd largest party in the ruling BN? Well, obviously someone even bigger than the MCA la. No prizes for guessing who that is la...

Now let's take this a little further. We can safely assume that OTK is revealing a Team B plot to destroy him. Team B has backing from "outsiders" with deep pockets. Team B is led by CSL. And which is the only party is bigger than MCA? And which bog dog from that party is backing CSL? All this is pretty obvious la...

On a separate issue, the Transport Minister compared the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) controversy to the 1980s Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) scandal.

“The PKFZ is even bigger than the BMF (scandal). The BMF claimed two lives, but I hope the same won’t happen in the PKFZ probe.”

Why would OTK suddenly bring an UMNO mega scandal into the picture out of the blue? Obviously it's a tactic to try and shift some of the blame and attention from his problems. But why would he shift blame to his boss, UMNO? Unless this is the reaction of a cornered dog, like I mentioned in my previous post.

And why would he bring death into the picture, especially when he mentioned earlier that "the party must go on even when I'm not around"? Is he expecting an attempt to destroy his life - either physically or figuratively?

“I never expected that I would become a victim when I ordered an investigation into the PKFZ while the one who is involved is still at large.

So he is admitting that his troubles stem from the PKFZ! Now, he is the top dog in MCA. Who can shake him? The past Transport Ministers already put out to pasture. So nothing revealed in the investigations now will have a big effect on them. So, logically, the persons out to get OTK are people who stand to lose big - namely, people who are now at the top or who are still trying to get there.

Now, who exactly are these people? I don't know. But since OTK is the top MCA guy sitting in the most senior Cabinet position allowed for the MCA, who in MCA can topple him? Not likely there is anyone la.

Obviously it has to be someone bigger than the top dog in MCA la. And that's where his statement that "outsiders" have been let in by some MCA leaders becomes highly relevant. It would mean that these "outsiders" are bigger than MCA. And who is bigger than MCA - the 2nd largest party in BN? No prizes for guessing la...

“Always look at the bigger picture – never marginalise others and do not ever let others marginalise us,” he stressed.

Does he mean that, in other words - this is not just about the MCA's internal problems? Are there more powerful outside forces who are trying to marginalise the MCA? Again, who is more powerful than the MCA - the 2nd largest party in the BN?

Already the prominent UMNO blogger Syed Akbar Ali openly called for UMNO to kick out the MCA, MIC & Gerakan and go it alone with PAS on the Ketuanan Melayu platform. He's an UMNO blogger - and UMNO doesn't function without direction from the top! Those who do not toe the line are sidelined no matter how senior - just look at YM Ku Li!

So it's confirmed la the BN is breaking up.

But the question now is - what is the MCA going to do about the indigities being heaped on them? Will they chicken out and fade away or will they finally have the guts to stand up for themselves and the community they claim to represent?

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