Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Malaysia - Fastrack To Fascism

There we have it, the last bits of democracy in Perak are being ripped to shreds by the UMNO/BN bastards!

- The Speaker's right to convene the State Assembly's meeting is being challenged in court.
- His subordinate is openly defying him.
- His employees lock him out of the State Secretariat.
- The Police declaring them to be in illegal assembly if they approach the building.
- The cops openly taking sides by declaring the State Assembly sitting as invalid.
- Lawsuits galore against the Speaker
- Hypocritical howls and shameless shrieks about being disloyal to the Sultan

Hey...BN supporters. WAKE UP!

Only a few days ago, an UMNO mob turned violent while confronting Karpal Singh - right on the steps of Parliament House. Not a single cop in sight to help a 70-year-old cripple against a mob of 30 abusive UMNO Youths!

Today, the police and FRU are out in force to stop a legitimate sitting of the State Assembly. They are willing to arrest every single one of the Pakatan ADUNs in order to stop them from, voting against the UMNO/BN illegal regime.

to keep Najib's image ofThe entire state apparatus is ruthlessly being abused, raped and twisted completely out of shape power intact. The UMNO/BN powers-that-be are hypocrites of the lowest and filthiest kinds.

I had predicted this characteristic of Najib. I even predicted some of the lengths he would be willing to go to keep power without having to refer to the public.

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As a Perakian, I feel sick to the core at these political shenanigans of the UMNO/BN gangsters.

Malaysia has never been subjected to such a shameful situation before. Where the Opposition is completely isolated - even by the people who are supposed to be neutral! We had lived with the police, ACA, Parliamentary Speakers and others arrayed against the Opposition, but never so blatantly. In all these years, there was at least some semblance of "legality" - even if it was of the close-one-eye, stretch-the-law, wink-wink legal interpretation type.

But this situation in Perak is completely throwing the rulebook out of the window.

The subordinate is claiming to have more power than the Speaker to convene a meeting. The cops are openly declaring their political allegiance and preparing to throw every Pakatan ADUN in jail. The entire State's employees (who are hired to serve the Rakyat and not the BN, by the way) are standing aside while the Pakatan is isolated.

Democracy is dead in Malaysia. First Perak. If such an illegal and unconstitutional power grab is is allowed to happen, and defended by all the state apparatus (to hell with rules and morals!) what else is sacred?

Is there anything else that is too low for UMNO/BN?

I commented on a UMNO-centric blog once that Malaysia was heading towards fascism. I never thought we would be heading that way within just a few weeks!

Fellow Malaysians, now is the time to rise up and be counted!

This is WAR!

Make no mistake, Najib and his UMNO/BN gang have declared WAR upon Malaysians. There are no neutral parties when faced with a ruthless and powerful enemy! This enemy will ram its way through anything - in its mad pursuit for power and money. Everything else is secondary - see how they are willing to let Uthayakumar lose his leg to diabetes than to allow him medical treatment!

There is no more such thing as neutral! There is no more such thing as seeing both sides of the argument. If you don't know yet, Jed Yoong - the Chinese pro-UMNO/Ketuanan Melayu blogger - has been pounced upon by her UMNO "buddies" and is now under investigation for sedition.

One day, they are praising her for her "reasonable" views, the next day she's having tea with 3 cops in an interrogation room!

The country is being ruled by ravenous sharks, hyenas and wolves who do not hesitate to attack their own friends. What more the so-called "neutral parties"?

There is NO MORE NEUTRAL! The time has come to FIGHT!

You MUST decide NOW - where do you stand?

And how can we respond? Let your voices be heard!

No more silent surfing. Post your comments on every blog you read, voice out your disgust. These blogs are monitored by the evil UMNO/BN cybertroopers. Show these goons that we the rakyat are not rolling over and closing our eyes anymore!


Hack the UMNO/BN websites! Destroy them!

Contact your MP or ADUN (SMS, call, email, letter, postcard, red paint on the front door - anything!) and let them know what you think of UMNO/BN's shenanigans. They are arrogant because they think they are not accountable. Well now is the time to hold them to account!

Register your displeasure every chance you get! Get the message out!! Spread the word!!



  1. we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender

    Sir Winston Churchill

    Our own Bapak revolusi has sounded the war drums...heed his call.....we must prevent BN from holding our rights hostage...the time for change is not yesterday or in the future....but now!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with the main point. Here's an opinion piece I wrote for MalaysiaKini.com:

    Seeds of Fascism Germinate

    Fascism in Malaysia is indeed a realistic scenario - albeit a low-probability and long-term scenario - but one that we cannot ignore.

    The 2008 election earthquake has toppled some decayed trees, and today we bask in the sun in this small jungle clearing. But the jungle can fight back; federal powers can strangle any seedlings of change.

    Federal budgetary grants to the states, federal development departments (to disburse oil income), the police, little napoleon bureaucrats, and federal control over local infrastructure, are instruments that the BN has used to obstruct and usurp the power of the Pakatan Rakyat state governments.

    While we hope a new Pakatan federal government will plant the tree of liberty, it is not a certainty that it will have the will,ability, and duration to do so. Our corrupted culture may not support Pakatan.

    External economic accidents can overwhelm it. Pakatan is also vulnerable in its reliance on the force of personality of a single person to hold it together, as argued in Who will succeed Anwar Ibrahim?

    So despite our post-election euphoria, we must not dismiss these seven seeds of fascism that lie in wait:

    Full articles at:

  3. thanks kah seng! i will reproduce your article here, without your consent! ;P